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Everyday, the hard working people of Orange County sacrifice to make a living, provide for their families, and make our economy run. The COVID-19 pandemic and response has placed a burden on families, businesses, and our communities as a whole. 


I am Mayor Michael Vo. I am the story of refugee to public servant, from communism to freedom. As I fled communist Vietnam and found shelter in a refugee camp at the age of 17, I experienced being left in the cold and going to bed with an empty stomach. I know and understand your story of being a parent working multiple jobs to provide for your family, being a business owner struggling to stay afloat and make payroll, and stretching each dollar as far as it will go. I understand your struggles - I have lived them.


In 1980, my family was interviewed by the U.S. Immigration Officer who would determine if we could seek sanctuary in the refugee camp. I promised to myself - if the United States of America saves us, I will do all that I can to give back when I reach the Land of the Free - and that is exactly what I have done. I started my business 30 years ago providing much needed services to our community, and for the past decade I have given back to this Country that gave me everything by serving as Mayor and Councilmember. 


As an experienced public official, I have contributed my real world experiences to the crucial policy making process. As your Supervisor, I pledge to:


Support and increase robust public safety efforts

Aid and support our small businesses and local economy

Champion fiscal responsibility

Lower taxes

Fully fund senior and veteran services programs

Address the homelessness crisis

Promote improving resources for mental health

Provide COVID-19 testing and vaccination to all Orange County residents

Advocate for local control

Committee Appointments

  • Public Cable Television Directors

  • League of CA Cities Delegate

  • Advisory  Committee for the Disabled - Alt.

  • Former OCTA I-405 Policy Work Group - Alt.

  • Former Orange County Sanitation District - Alt

  • Former Fountain Valley Community Director

Community Involvement

  • Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Advisory Board Members

  • OCVA Lions Club Founders

  • Fountain Valley Rotarian Honor Guess


I would be honored to serve as your voice. I humbly ask for your blessing and vote.


Michael Vo

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